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« on: March 25, 2014, 04:53:25 PM »

We all want to keep this a good place to come, everyone treated equally, without bias, we all know how to behave, we all know the difference between good and bad, I'm not going to write some 1000 word mission statement, that nobody would read through, so here's the 5 main rules

1. No badmouthing the band will be accepted, they will be on from time to time reading your views, this is for fans and music lovers to enjoy chatting with fellow Hell fans, please be respectful to Hell and each other.

2. Absolutely no bullying or threatening behaviour will be tolerated, you will receive 1 warning only regarding this, if we think the threat is really bad, you will be banned, current IP blocked , your ISP notified with screen shots, or police.

3. Zero tolerance on pornographic, snuff related material in any format, any other material that's deemed inappropriate by the MOD's and myself will result in warnings or straight ban. 3 warnings on the same subject will get you either a temp band, restricted access or a complete ban.

4. Please post in the right rooms so we don't have to keep shifting and locking posts, a nice organised forum performs better and looks better, everybody win, topics are straight forward.

5. Any issues or advice needed, please don't hesitate to contact my fine MOD's, they're good people, we'll do our best to resolve any concerns or forum upgrade ideas, we'll try and be fair and impartial, but we are human, so please respect my MOD's, we're all giving up our time, for free, to make this an enjoyable place, if my MOD's cant assist you, they will advise you I've been notified and I will deal with every issue. Please note; I ain't a web guru, I'm learning CSS myself, if you know solutions to any forum issues or hints n tips to help me make this better, then contact me directly. All forum tech queries direct to me, issues regarding poor behaviour should go to the MOD's first.

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